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GingerI am Ginger, the owner of this website. I have used the computer for years to accomplish many tasks. Only in the early 2000 decade have I really developed an interest in how computers/technology works and how to fix various issues that may come up. I am always researching and making notes on issues that arise with technology I own. This is whether there’s a problem with computer equipment or software, TV equipment, other household technological equipment (like security alarm), or mobile devices.

I offer many thanks and much gratitude to family, friends, various blogs on computers and technology, TV and phone providers, the staff at Standard Computer Inc., Reliable Hosting, and various web developers for their assistance in helping me grow in my knowledge of technology. Without all of these giving kind generous people, I would not have a website or be able to function like I do, as a person with total blindness, in my navigation of the ever changing world of technology. I am most grateful for everyone and their assistance and hope I can continue to give back to all of you, the visitor to the site and my technological network alike, each day in some way.
I rely on a speech package to assist me, as I am a person with a visual disability. However, I am hoping that this web site will be a testament to the fact that we all have a strength and weakness of some sort.  However, we can rise above this and grow personally and professionally, as we research and share with others.

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Contact: info@gingerresources.com
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    People looking to locate information to legitimately assist themselves with an issue or concern, I welcome your feedback. Hopefully my site can provide you the assistance you are looking for. I thought of you when researching links and creating this site over the past several years. I empathize with the challenge in finding useful information and want to share the knowledge gained.

    There has been an overwhelming amount of new requests to add sites. As of now, I am not accepting new entries. Please enjoy what is already here. It will assist you in linking to other information. New requests may possibly be considered sometime in the future.

    Those looking to SPAM or bombard me with marketing pleas/tools are not welcomed. Your comments are trashed, wasted time to continue deleting without reading, and reported. No marketing pleas for my business of handling my site and no SPAM allowed.

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