Disability Etiquette & Education

This page is a place where people can become more educated about various disabilities. As mentioned on my home page, I am a person with a visual disability, and I see the need for further educational discussion about dealing with the disability community. Though, the world has come a long way, there is still fear and discrimination about what we can offer as well as how to properly talk about and, more importantly, have a relationship with those with disabilities.

It is my hope that after you look at this information, new possibilities can come about four this community—such as job opportunities, and advancements in technology and products to promote further independence.

Disability Facts:

National Statistics

Tips for Dealing with People who are Disabled:

Working with Someone who is Bling or Visually Impaired
RTIC Catalog of Publications
Tips for Hospital Staff Members and Caregivers
What to do when You Meet a Working Dog Guide
When You Meet a Person with a Disability

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