This page is a place to gain knowledge through learning useful skills. These skills can assist you in life and in the employment arena. This page is most useful for those of us with disabilities in that we can have a harder time obtaining skills because some institutions are not as equipped to handle the accommodations needed for us. Perhaps that stems from the fact that we in the disability community have not pushed harder for better access. When possible please spell out Education and do not abbreviate as edu.

Educational Resources:

Blind Inc. – Learning in New Dimensions
Braille Through Remote Learning – (BRL)
Brainetics – Brainetics® by Mike Byster-Award Winning-Guaranteed!
Capella University
Carroll Tech
Cengage Learning, Inc.
Community College Review
Dental Degree
Deque University
Devry University
Ed Modo
Forestry Degree
Free Online Braille Tutoring Services
Herzing University
Holistic Nutrition Degree Programs: Accredited Nutritionist Programs, BS and MS in Health, Wellness
Hospitality Management Degree
K12 Inc. Online School
Kahn Academy
MarvelSoft – The Future of Sound – Talking Typing Lessons
Master’s In Counseling – Online Masters in Counseling Programs
Master’s in Communication: Find a Master Degree in Communications
Master of Social Work (MSW) Online Programs – Masters in Public Health
National University
Notelog – College Notes, Knowledge, & Know-How! College Just Got Easier!
Nursing Assistant Guides
Nursing School
Nutrition Science Degree
Online Colleges
Online Finance Degree
Online Nurse Practitioners Program
Online LPN Torn
Online Schools
Online Seminary Schools
Online Surgical Tech Programs – Surgical Technician Schools
Peirce – Online College
Physical Therapy Aide
Rutgers University Online
Resources for Teaching Blind Students
Rosetta Stone
Simplilearn Online Training
Social Work – University of Nevada, Reno – Learn what You Wanna Do
Strayer University
Teaching Degree Link
The Hadley School for the Blind
The Hellen Keller National Center
Top Nursing
UCanDoIT – Computer Training for Blind, Deaf, and Disabled People in Their Own Homes
University of Mississippi Online
The U.S. Department of Education
University of Phoenix
Webster University

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