Employment Tips

This is a place to gain insight into some of the tips and tricks for surviving in the workplace. We all may think we know all the policies, but there are hidden intricacies that we can all overlook. We have all done something at sometime without realizing or meaning to. It is my hope that we can all move forward and use these tips. Think of them like your work Bible.

Useful Employment Links:

A Few Employment Tips for Keeping a Job
Angry and Other Phone Call Tips
Dictation Notes and Tips
Here is My Own Personal Advice from My Own Experience as a Visually Impaired Employee
My Manual – I wrote this manual to assist me with various triumphs and challenges; hopefully, it will help you as well in your journey through life. Feel free to save and utilize the notes from this unpublished piece of work.
Some Thoughts About Communication and Anxiety

Locating Jobs:

CSUN Job Tips
How to Dress for a Job Interview

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